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The philosophy of Mrs. Kele Lyn Volpino (Master in Feng Shui) is that when we consciously
create a “design” we have to realize that ALL of life is interrelated, interactive, and interdependent.
Everything is alive and in continuum, constantly interacting with us and those that interact with
us most are those items that we adorn ourselves with. In using Feng Shui principles to design
a highly energized line of jewelry one must understand conclusively the workings of such energies that
will be created when combined, along with the purpose that will be given and the proper flow pattern
of the design as it must align itself with a specific order for the human aspect it will be asked to bestow.

All gemstones and crystals are cleansed of all energies that traveled with them upon arrival and are meditated
upon and fed lots of “Chi” throughout their stay until their departure as they travel to their predestined space
where they will be given a purpose from their new owner at which time the new owner must
activate their new jewel with the highest intention requested of it so to attract the preeminent in abundance.


We use Superior quality of refined combinations of Natural Gemstones and Crystals with
Tibetan and Bali Sterling Silver beads and 316 Stainless Steel Chains.

Remember, we never walk alone in our lives, we are always connected to other people, to everything,
this is why VOLPINO has created this heartfelt and most spirited line of jewelry to bring us together,
to keep us together, to give Men and Women of all ages something to feel, to share, to manifest
together, to ignite, to infuse, to catapult into direct flow with that curiosity that is there inside all of us NOW.
We believe in this way of living in balance and harmony by joining Men and Women, Mom’s and Dad’s,
Son’s and Daughters, Families, Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Friends, Life Partners… ALL in a new discovery
as all that happens in our universe depends on the legacy of compassion within our hearts,
our souls and our spirit, not merely on our existence.
Aside from the thoughtful design embedded within each piece the owner will enjoy the benefits of the
Awareness that will be spoken in silence to remind them of their purpose for which they were
activated to work towards. As the awareness grows in ourselves it will be multiplied by acts of
goodness around us and we will start to notice that in the life there is nothing more satisfying at
the end of the day than to share our lives in balance, in harmony and in growth with those whom
surround us and with those whom we’ve yet to know along our path where the wind blows
and the water flows, as the life force is continuous, on until forever, on until.....

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