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Let Us Make You SHINE!

Volpino Corp


Fabrizio Volpino, the Founder, Designer and Innovator
of many influences in fashion since 1986. He began in the
European Design, Fashion and Jewelry world where he is well
known for his talent in developing new products utilizing a
combination of materials, design and dimension in a way that most
could not see it as a possibility until he would show them the first,
the template for his designs that are just as his mind perceives them, voila!
He was requested every year by the IED in Milan to lead a special Master
Design Class to the advanced innovative design students to select the most
skilled students for more detailed projects to work for his company in Italy.
In 2003 he came to the USA where he opened his first U.S. branch in New York.
Soon after he met Kele L. Stewart an Existential Surrealist and Figurative Artist,
skilled in fine arts, multimedia, environmental along with a list of other rare
combinations and a love of design which brought them together.
She was pleased to discover another form of art in designing, over the years
she and Fabrizio have created several one of a kind pieces for any who request
personalized designs along with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna
(incl. Swarovski Crystal Bra's) for Macy Gray and Prince for whom they created
an ornate series of hearts, stars, chokers, belts, the infamous symbol and hoops
in extravagant shapes that could only be worn by Macy, she loved them
for the "grand" size and weightlessness which is one of the attributes of
acrylic crystal aside from it being 100% hypoallergenic. They have
created numerous items for benefits such as WLF, UNICEF,
PETA and many others over the years, they also welcome
customers to share causes they care about as well.

We all have gifts and once they are discovered
we have no choice other than to commit to a continuum of
growth and "to share" those inspirations with ALL we can as it is
within those moments in between that give "purpose" to ones' life......

In all Volpino's Creations the presence of Volpino's Philosophical Concept is prevalent.

"... Create with Meditated Intention Original Designs of the Highest Quality,
Revitalizing Energetic Vibration, Handmade in Italy and USA, 100% Hypoallergenic ...
LIFETIME WARRANTY so we can be a part of your life infinitely..."

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